12 November 2008

Bubble Gum

Sent in by Emily Maltby, the subject of this photo being her friend Kelsey, who is "really good at blowing bubbles." Emily, your friend blows the the best goddamn bubble what my eyes ever did see. She is the bubble gum face/replaced QUEEN. All hail Kelsey!


Jamfozz said...

Wow has this just been put up, cool, nice bubble.


Charlotte de Gier said...

Saw this on the Tube. What a crazy but cool idea. The M&M's pictures FTW.
Absolutely Awesome.

SharpFinale said...

wow...thats just absurdly huge

Missy said...

I wanna know what happened after it popped.

Isobella said...

wow, that's a pretty epic bubble

Emily said...

Haha! Thanks Charlie for putting this up here! I'm Emily.

Yeah, Kelsey's pretty amazing. But that's what happens when you have twelve pieces of gum in your mouth.

Surprising the aftermath wasn't that bad. Only a little gum in her eyebrows.



Elizabeth... said...

I've made a pact with myself to someday match this bubble blowing power.


AK said...

Emily how did you do such a huge bubble gum baloom? You rock!

Jonny Little said...

Thats such a photo! =D


LouiseDaly123 said...

Omg!! I have a photo just like that, although mine isn't as good because the camera was sucky :(

Anonymous said...

umm... Does no one else see what I see inside the bubble? That's really odd... is it a reflection?