21 November 2008

Space Hopper

Sent in by Emilie Lyons. Tying Space Hoppers to the ceiling just for a face/replaced picture is pretty incredible in itself, but when Emilie told me that she broke the stool that she used to tie that Space Hooper to the ceiling (meaning that the Space Hopper is now stuck there) well . . . I just couldn't let this picture unseen. THAT, my face/friends, is dedication.

Thanks for all of the suggestions that you sent me for possible face/replaced competition categories by the way. Be sure to see that happening in the very near future :)


Maja said...

aaaw, my pic still hasn't been posted... *insert sad smiley face here*

btw, poor stool :D

Chunk said...

So I know you are planning on doing some contest which is why I figured I would ask you first. Hannah and I were planning on having a "Tiny" theme for the picture of the face/replace group on facebook where the members submit as many entries as they want and the best picture utilizing a tiny object gets to be the main picture for the group until the next contest.

I just wanted to pass this by you first, wouldn't want to interfere with anything official

-Charlie Nelson

Emilie said...

Yeeey!!! thats me!!

(and by the way, the space hopper is STILL up there....and I kind of like it...adds a sense of insanity to my room!!)