31 March 2009

Smiley Frisbee

Sent in by Lucy O Donovan, with her cousin Jacob replacing his own face. The hair really makes this picture, I love it when people mix bits of their own head with the thing that is replacing it. Bravo, Jacob!

30 March 2009


Sent in by Paul Frank. I had quite a lot of trouble understanding this picture when I first saw it, and I kind of still do... which is probably why I like it so much. Good work on the Baby-Pig front there, Frank.

27 March 2009


Sent in by Ava Yergo, who a photo of her friend Paul. I'm personally not a massive fan of smoking, but seriously, the existance of this photo probably makes the health risks worth it. Just try not to die of cancer or anything, yeah Paul? ^_^

25 March 2009

...and we're back.

All of you have permission to remove my face when you see me next, though I will warn you, it is kind of illegal. Sorry for the absence :S I hope this is enough pictures to make up for it. I'll see you every weekday from now on, and don't forget to send in your face/replaced pictures to facereplaced@gmail.com!

Thanks to everyone that submitted their pictures via DailyBooth. You guys rock :D