22 April 2009

Sad Charlie

This is Sad Charlie. Sad Charlie is sad because he hasn't been getting very many face/replaced pictures recently and has nothing good to post on the website. He asks very kindly if people could make some face/replaced pictures for him to post? Please? :'(

20 April 2009

Smiley Balloon

Sent in by Chloe Fyfe. Extra kudos for pulling this one off on a windy day. Good job, Chloe!

17 April 2009

The Son Of Man

Sent in by Ryder Broadbent Smith, also known as RyderRooRoo on YouTube. Ryder's "picture that I took of my dad with an apple taped to his face" is a real life costume version of the painting "The Son Of Man" by the Belgian surrealist painter René Magritte, shown below.

Painted in 1964, this could have been the earliest face/replaced ever, had it not been, y'know, a painting. Photo's only, yo!

16 April 2009


Sent in by Sara Kasserman. The boy's name is Stephan and he calls this picture "I am a tree" because he is cool. Everyone should try and be as cool as Stephan.

15 April 2009

Mid-Air Basketball

Sent in by Madi Smith, taken of her friend David while they were doing community service hours, playing basketball with little kids in Ottawa; Madi caught the ball on it's way down by accident. I recon that more people should attempt Mid-Air face/replaced pictures, just as long as you can catch the thing that you're using to replace your face on it's way down. And don't try it with your Mum's bone china or nuffin.

14 April 2009

Giant Rose

Sent in by Lovise Mo, a picture of her model and friend, Kriss. This is the first face/replaced picture with an actual real model. OMG PROFESSINAL!

13 April 2009

A Bear Named Fred

Sent in by Tiffany Fines. Fred is a bear who's about three feet tall and is very hard to fit into a sweater, though I can see from his hand gesture that the sweater stuffing was worth it and that he's very happy to see us all. Hello Fred! Welcome to the Internet! :D

10 April 2009

Size Matters Mug

Sent in by Ross Freeman, Simon Campbell, Abigail Simms, Alexandra Yauch, Kala Deffenbaugh, Kasey (who has no last name) and Alexia Altshule, all of whom sent me this screenshot from Alex's latest VEDA video. Please, don't send this picture to me any more! Ahh!

09 April 2009


Sent in by Amy Barker. Obviously this isn't Amy, this is a footballer guy who accidentally got his face replaced without even realising. She tells me that the found this photo on AOL, and I'm honestly a little curious about it's authenticity seeing as it looks so perfect, but it's still awesome so I put it up her for all of you lovely folks to look at with your eyes.

08 April 2009

Creme Egg

This is a photo that I took of my brother today while we were out on a family trip to Morrisons. I literally just picked up the first thing that I could find and called upon Will for a face/replaced; he did as he was told and we created this little gem. This can be the Easter special or something, though If you guys can try and create some better Easter themed photos then I'd like to see them :)

07 April 2009

Two Books

Sent in by Alysse Tolmie with the help of her friends Joelene and Hieu. Face/replaced as been going a bit abstract recently, with pictures of half replaced faces, and now replaced hands too. The purity of face/replaced has been tainted! PLEASE DON'T REBEL! :S

06 April 2009

Art Playing Cards

Sent in by Andrea Z. I don't really have anything to say about this other than IT'S REALLY REALLY AWESOME YEAH.

03 April 2009

Smiley Green Plushie

Sent in by Shermin Ong. I swear that the plushies of this earth were designed with the sole purpose of being good things to replace faces with, I haven't seen a single plushie picture that I haven't liked :) Good work Mr. Ong!

02 April 2009

Confused Mug

Sent in by Vicky Ibarra, who actually sent me two pictures and told me that this one was her least favourite, but it's my MOST favourite so I'm putting it up ^_^ I'm probably just a sucker for an adorable peace sign though, or something.

01 April 2009

Bo Burnham CD

Sent in by Hannah Crooks, who actually sent me three face/replaced emails, but this one was easily the best! And yes, I know that she didn't really replace the whole of her face, but it's still brilliant ^_^ Also, if you don't know who Bo Burnham is then click here to check out his YouTube videos. He's a lyrical don, fo sho.