20 November 2008

Giant Frog Face

Sent in by Daniela Arreola. Now, it's possible that Daniela is just quite a small person, but as far as I can see, this is the largest face/replaced object that I've received to date. It's got me thinking about face/replaced records: largest object, smallest object, most offensive object, cutest object . . . we should totally have a face/replaced contest at the end of the year or something, yus? ^_^

Any ideas on possible categories for the contest would be very welcome, just post them in the comments. Fanks.


Luke Beaumont's Design for Digital Media Blog said...

Apart from the ones you said smallest object, most offensive object, cutest object

Here are a few others you could throw in the mix

Most Dangerous
most stupid
best use of a live animal
best water based face replaced
best face replaced on an unexpecting person.

I am sure I can think of more, if you would like to hear them just let me know

Courtney said...

I sent in a photo with an english stamp replacing my face =]

maybe thats the smallest?

Elizabeth... said...

I tried to get one with an MnM but it just burned out or went fuzzy and my fingers took up too much.

I think a category should be most faces replaced in one photo.

MattNud said...

A good one would be most people with faces replaced in one photo

binxy said...

you should definitely have a contest! :D


Joy said...

I suggest they get face transplants! lol. But that's like really creative! Way to go.