30 November 2008

Sunday Special - Becky Double

I was out in London most of yesterday and didn't manage to get to a place with internet until after midnight, so I couldn't upload anything. To make up for this here are two photos, both of Becky Smith who is set to be one half of nerdfighterlike in 2009, taken by yours truly.

This was taken in the Roman Baths Gift shop and is apparently called the 'Gorgon's Head', but not the real one of course, because the real one was about five times as big and was stuck to a wall.

This is a little power adapter that I have, and was taken back at my house after going to the Roman Baths. I like how the holes make a face ^_^

28 November 2008


Sent in by Julia Berke. We've already had a thumb with a drawn on face, so this was the natural evolution really. I've never seen a hand look more adorable in my life ^_^

EDIT: Actually, I've seen babies hands, so scrap that. Still super awesome though!

27 November 2008

Green M&M Plushie

Sent in by Camille, who didn't tell me her last name. Apparently she was in the NYC M&M store on the same day as me and Alex, meaning that this photo completes the M&M Plushie saga! ^_^

26 November 2008

Mug With A Face

Sent in by Sarah Charley, replacing her brother Philip's face. "I think its quite appropriate considering your liking for mugs." Well, I'm more of a fan of the tea that goes into the mug really, but I am still a mug fan, and this picture is just awesome anyway so I had to put it up YAY.

25 November 2008

Some Big Heads

Sent in by Ben Gross. "Some random big heads me and Amy found in our common room." As long as no big random heads were harmed in the making of this face/replaced picture then all is well. And if they were harmed then I guess I'll never know, and I've put the picture up now anyway so it doesn't matter. Just don't break things ever okay thanks.

24 November 2008

Lego Head

Sent in by Lars Johnson. According to Lars, this is another photo that was taken before face/replaced was set up! Just think, even though this picture existed, without face/replaced it's brilliance may have never met your eyes. This is a powerful blog, no doubt about it.

23 November 2008

Sunday Special - Dog

A few days ago, my sister Bridie was telling me about how she wanted to have a face/replaced picture of her own. I said I'd help her, just humoring her more than anything, but then she picked up this little picture of a dog that she had cut out of a magazine and, surprisingly enough, it turned out it looking pretty awesome! I mean, not exactly Chocolate Fudge Cake awesome, but still awesome enough for a Sunday Special ^_^

22 November 2008

Chocolate Fudge Cake

Sent in by Patrick H. Cirelli. "Balancing a chocolate fudge cake on your face while lying in your backyard is not as easy as it looks." Believe me Patrick, it doesn't look easy at all, especially seeing as you managed to get your thumbs up too! And just so you guys know, this is easily my favourite picture so far. If you want to win me over, this is the one to beat :)

21 November 2008

Space Hopper

Sent in by Emilie Lyons. Tying Space Hoppers to the ceiling just for a face/replaced picture is pretty incredible in itself, but when Emilie told me that she broke the stool that she used to tie that Space Hooper to the ceiling (meaning that the Space Hopper is now stuck there) well . . . I just couldn't let this picture unseen. THAT, my face/friends, is dedication.

Thanks for all of the suggestions that you sent me for possible face/replaced competition categories by the way. Be sure to see that happening in the very near future :)

20 November 2008

Giant Frog Face

Sent in by Daniela Arreola. Now, it's possible that Daniela is just quite a small person, but as far as I can see, this is the largest face/replaced object that I've received to date. It's got me thinking about face/replaced records: largest object, smallest object, most offensive object, cutest object . . . we should totally have a face/replaced contest at the end of the year or something, yus? ^_^

Any ideas on possible categories for the contest would be very welcome, just post them in the comments. Fanks.

19 November 2008


Sent in by Alex Kornter, also know as Azrepheal on YouTube. See kids? You don't even need to find things around your room anymore, you can just use your thumbs! Oh, how face/replaced is evolving . . . shucks, it fills me with glee. ^_^

18 November 2008


Sent in by David Owen. If we can, dearest face/replacers, I would like to see more pictures like this one; pictures involving the nature that surrounds us. Preferably something to do with hedges. kthx.

17 November 2008

Blue Mario Mushroom

Sent in by James Cooper, also known as j0ames on YouTube. Once again, my bias toward Nintendo related things is exploited. Love it ^_^

16 November 2008

Sunday Special - Charlie Face

When face/replaced was born, I said that I would only update this site on Monday through Saturday, leaving me with Sundays off . . . but then this picture was taken and I decided to change things a little :)

I'm going to leave Sundays open for creator photos, as in pictures taken by/involving either me or Alex, so if we have a picture that we want to share then we'll do it on Sundays, and if we don't then we'll just have Sundays off. This is a photo of one omgmhazzrocks, replaced with a picture of my face that Alex took on his phone. It made us chuckle large amounts.


15 November 2008


Sent in by Lily Panish. Her and her friend Morgan were just bored, eating lollipops and decided to take a picture. Apparently they took this about 4 months ago and are happy that it finally has a use, and what a use it be.

14 November 2008

Chain Chomp

Sent in by Chris Whiteford. He obviously took into account that I was Nintendo fan and realised that if he made his picture Nintendo related then I would be more likely to upload it.


13 November 2008


Sent in by Grace Dow. I think the fact that she managed to balance a globe on her shoulder like that warrants a mention in itself, but seeing that she kept it up there long enough to photograph it AND pull out a thumbs up . . . it just blows my mind. Major kudos, Grace.

EDIT: Grace says: "The globe itself is about the size of a my fist, but by holding it closer to the camera I gave the illusion of defying gravity." I'm meant to be a master of this game too. Once again, mind has been blown.

12 November 2008

Bubble Gum

Sent in by Emily Maltby, the subject of this photo being her friend Kelsey, who is "really good at blowing bubbles." Emily, your friend blows the the best goddamn bubble what my eyes ever did see. She is the bubble gum face/replaced QUEEN. All hail Kelsey!

11 November 2008


Sent in my Charlotte Allen. Happy remembrance day, y'all :)

10 November 2008

Barry The Satsuma

Sent in by Zoey Gilbert, the first face/replaced picture that I've seen using such a small object! Just goes to show what you can acomplish with a bit of teamwork ^_^

08 November 2008

Dell Mouse

Sent in by Liz Creaghan, taken during a dull moment in art class, replacing her friend Jen's face. Lovely use of teamwork here, ladies :)

07 November 2008

Condom Plushie

Sent in by Rasyidah Imran. If I had been told that this was an [insert random Japanese word here] plushie, then I probably would have believed it . . . but apparently this is a condom plushie. I don't in the slightest believe that this actually is a condom plushie, but it's the only name that has been suggested, so its what I'm going with.

06 November 2008

Flower Cushion

Sent in by Sofia Nasser. Awesome use of arms here ^_^

05 November 2008


Jack Gait, taken and sent in by his friend Mabel Dowman. Apparently this was taken sometime last year, which means that face/replaced-ing was going on before myself (Charlie) and Alex decided to give the sport a name. Huzzah.

04 November 2008

Bowling Ball

Sent in by Ed Blann, also known as eddplant on YouTube. Goes to show that you can make an amazing face/replaced picture even with your hands showing! Love the hat on the ball and the way that the finger holes make eyes ^_^

03 November 2008

Pumpkin Plate

Sent by Joe Hart - our first face/replaced not done by either of its founders, and the inspiration for this blog =D

iPhone Face ^_^

Charlie at NSG's house, using an iPhone program called Shout It, and Alex's skeletal hand holding the phone.

M&M Football

Charlie at M&M World - no arms, very convincing, pro snap.

Blue M&M Plushie

Alex's second M&M World picture, much better than his first.

Red M&M Plushie

Charlie's second M&M World photo, casual and fun.

Orange M&M Plushie

Alex's first M&M World picture. He was showing his elbows. ROOKIE mistake, AMATEUR.

Yellow M&M Plushie

The first of many M&M World pictures, this is Charlie.

Kirby Plushie

Charlie's second effort in Nintendo World.

Finding Nemo Head

Alex's first face/replaced, in the Disney Store on 5th. He was so proud of it, and so he should be too for not showing his arms!

02 November 2008

Minnie Mouse Plushie

The inspiration for the original face/replaced, Charlie was fascinated by the strange round plushie in the Disney Store on 5th Avenue in Manhattan NY and couldn't resist.