25 March 2009

...and we're back.

All of you have permission to remove my face when you see me next, though I will warn you, it is kind of illegal. Sorry for the absence :S I hope this is enough pictures to make up for it. I'll see you every weekday from now on, and don't forget to send in your face/replaced pictures to facereplaced@gmail.com!

Thanks to everyone that submitted their pictures via DailyBooth. You guys rock :D


piasaueve said...

Awesome! Im in there, im the Red Nose Day sticker :D

Jon said...

Wow thats alot!

Think how many days you could have had lined up if you had saved them!

Look forward to this returning.

Anonymous said...

yay! I got featured :D
The queen-face replaced :D
well, only half of it :D
I use way too many
smiley faces!!

that was an awesome bunch of

kim_loves_crayons said...

you are back!
and with lots of pictures!

Elly Lim said...

omg!! my picture is in it!!
im so happy:D
thanks charlie!<3

i love facereplaced<33333

Anonymous said...

Hey wow I made it!! :D (An Abundance of Katherines)

I'm so glad this is back :D

Nerdmancer said...

I'm so glad your back. I got so excited when I saw "Face Replaced" pop up on my Google reader.

Uloth said...

Where's mine? It was the one with a sun mask :'(

Unknown said...

I did the math - you needed 68 pictures to be posted when this was to make up for all the lost days since December 19th.

You had 52.

I still feel owed 16 =)

Lindsey said...

I'm a little bit in love with Alex's... Ukeface ftw!

Unknown said...


Tallulah said...

Wow. Those are super groovy!

Rebecca said...

yay I'm one of them :) thanks!

Spencernater said...

Hey have you gotten the orange face?

SnailsLuck said...

Hi, I the pictures don't appear at all. Check the origin link place thing?