08 December 2008


Sent in by Camila Cornejo, replacing the face of her friend Kichi. I've received quite a few Pikachu face/replaced pictures so far, but they've all been done with massive Pikachu plushies that block about half of the body, whereas this one is just a head. I fink it works really well ^-^


me said...

oh! How cute!

Blitzkrieg said...

ahhh this is definitely my favorite :]

Lewis said...

Charlie, you should make a poll in the sidebar for the best one so far. In fact, for the contests/voting, you could make a few polls. It's easy enough, easier than emailing you anyway. Jus' sayin :)

Love this one!

alex said...

omg love this one!
who doesnt love pikachu :D

camille said...

thank you very much for posting it!

Lydia said...

Oh my god!
that's me!
I never believed it will actually end up being posted lol

(I'm Kichi...the girl with the pikachu head)